Circle of Trust.

Transactional Analysis is a theory that strives to explain the personality structure of people and consequently the interactions between people. The theory was originated by Eric Berne in California in the late 1950’s. Eric Berne’s work was influenced by e.g. Sigmund Freud, differentiates however in its implementation with patients. Whereas Sigmund Freud would ask his patients about themselves, Eric Berne would rather let his patients talk and observe what was communicated (e.g. the words that were used, how the body language changed over time, if the facial expressions fit to the told storyline).

Dr. Cassandra Riedl uses the word client rather than patient, because she is a “Counselor for Transactional Analysis” and not a psychotherapist. In her presence Dr. Cassandra Riedl experienced her clients to naturally open up, as she creates a strong relationship of trust and provides framework of emotional security at any time.