Companies such as adidas create new working concepts (MyArena) to enhance creative collaboration. The workspace is activity-based with e.g. whiteboard walls and floors, collaboration hubs, and quiet areas, which offer employees the possibility to choose the optimal setting for their specific task. Each day employees have the option to choose a new desk or spot to sit, which creates new team dynamics and fosters inspiration and collaboration. Therefore, the teams needed a new concept on how to actually find each other to collaborate and to also find a sparrings-partner for a new concept, not only based on the other’s person expertise, also based on the perfect fit of the other’s person unique strengths. A new personality test was developed to create a concept for a 1:1, 1:n. m:n matching. The already existing MyArena App was the inspiration of this concept idea. The idea was tested in a research setting with participants of the new working concept (Organizational Prototyping).